cherry what’s-her-face [cherry & dally]

Dally hadn’t the slightest clue why he had stumbled to the Nightly Double, of all damn places, on his lonesome. He was feeling dangerous, slightly agitated, and everything in between. He strolled the grounds with ease, his usual strut occupying the attention of the few who hadn’t known him, who had quickly made note to keep it that way. Those who did know him pretended not to for fear they may beef him up about something trivial, or say the wrong thing when in his presence. It was true that Dally was relentless to anyone, be it a stranger or an acquaintance, but he’d usually leave you alone if he knew you — if you were anyone but Cherry Valance, that is.

He could spot the meticulously groomed red-head from a mile away. The sight of her reinforced a smirk that indicated his dangerous intentions. He kept his eyes locked on her figure as he made a casual approach from behind. “This seat taken?” He inquired, jumping over it to signify his indifference, pushing himself into the chair despite what her answer may be. He then propped his feet up into the chair directly in front of him, placing his arm around the back of her chair. “Care to fill me in on the action so far? Or should we start in on a little action of our own?”